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We specialise in commercial and dispute management for the construction and engineering industries

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Established in 2012, and with more than 20 years of major contracting experience, both nationally and internationally, Eventus provides a high quality and innovative service to its clients.

To assist our clients in the successful delivery of projects, our services are designed to span the entire life of the project, from the pre-contract stage to the post-contract stage and if necessary the final account stage during which we can offer dispute management services and Expert Witness services.

Eventus projects

Pre-Contract Services

Pre-contract services are essential for securing and maintaining proper contractual and commercial control of a project. Correct pre-contract advice will help avoid problems such as uncertainty over contract terms, disparity between scope of work and price, and the unwitting acceptance of onerous terms and conditions.

Post-Contract Services

After clients have secured Projects, Eventus provides strategic and tactical commercial management services, either as an integrated part of a client’s team or by providing ad hoc services on specific contractual issues.

Dispute Management Services

If left unresolved, Disputes can escalate quickly with disastrous consequences in terms of time, cost and reputation. Eventus is focused on resolving disputes as quickly as possible and in the most economically advantageous manner available. Eventus is able to support the entire dispute life cycle.


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